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#397946 - we got inside and headed to a chair where i sit down and she straddles me and i immediately take her shirt off and push her off and within about five seconds im completely naked and head towards my room and lie down and she comes in and once again straddles me but this time inserting my cock deep into her aching pussy and she lets out a loud moan and started rocking back and forth which felt incredible and i began pumping up and down faster and harder until my legs gave out and she just started bouncing on my cock and everyone and a while my cock would pop out and juices would flow out slowly and she would get off me and lick them off my cock about 20 minutes into it she says faster, harder, faster, harder. when i entered the living my brother's girlfriend asked me if i wanted a drink.

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Minami kaidou
You girls are so fucking hot love for you to squirt all over my face
Kasumi yoshizawa
Good girl