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#399545 - As we walked into the shop brenda started browsing for sweets and i couldnt help but look at her side boob she them said dont you have anything that it not out of date or melted the shop keeper pointed at the back me the store where the walk in fidge freezers where as me and brenda walked in we were hit by a icy cold wind as she looked in the boxes for the stuff that she wanted i noticed that her niples had become small bullets them all of a sudden the door to the freezer shut and it followed by a locking noise brenda said oh crap he has done this again too me as we banged on the door trying to get somebodys attention brenda slumped against the door and quitly said it is really cold you could tell because all she was wearing was a small top and a skirt She continued and said it is like ice ice baby ice ice baby All right stop collaborate and listen Ice is back with a brand new intention Some thing grabs a hold of me tightly Flow like a harpoon daily and nightly Will

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Rina ogata
You guys should should do another pegging hentai with converse in the near future