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#297347 - I haven’t seen Ray since ad Jake Moved to New Zealand, I am a really little slut now I fuck the postmaster and his two dogs, I do favour for the boys and some of the girls and I even fucked my best friends dog and it turned into a massive 4 dogs on one chick but that another story THE END. Night before the last day I school I had a dream about what we had planed for the next night, it made me flash back to ray and my encounter but in this dream we went all the way, he fucked me, it felt so real I could felt everything I woke up have a screaming orgasm and Cumming in my panties. I could feel something it felt the size of a golf ball banging against my pussy lips I didn’t know what it was but I thought there was no way it could fit in my little pussy, MAN WAS I EVER WRONG, a few more thrust and it popped inside me, it hurt like hell it stretched my pussy walls to the limit, I Screamed out in pain just than I could feel his thrusts getting really slow and jerky they went from lo

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Like if you wanna do it with me
Souya kazama
God damn i love it you looks so fking nice u shouldnt care that much about your makeup ure the best