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#400619 - I wrapped my towel around my waist and pulled the jocks off and placed them on my pile of clothes and went to the drinking fountain, as my throat was now painfully dry after being so nervous. This was the first time I got a proper look at him he was taller than me by a few inches and was in good build he was wearing a red t-shirt and black shorts down to his knee, he had a pale skin tone with a slight tan to his skin which made his muscles really stand out. I turned my back to him as to avoid eye contact and continued to get undressed, took my trainers and socks off and with my back still to him I pulled down my sweat pants and I placed them neatly in a pile on the bench then I realised I was wearing a pair of jockstraps, my butt cheeks were on show, quickly turned to face him praying he didn’t notice and saw him suddenly look away in the other direction.

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