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#39756 - Then it was all over, he could feel his sticky mess on his belly and balls, he knew his brothers hand was coated in his muck, he so wanted to pull Scott’s hand to his mouth and lick it clean of his own cum, just like he did when his fantasies came to their final conclusion, He so wanted to take Scott’s cock and pleasure him in the same way his big brother had just satisfied him, but it was over, Scott was leaving the room his hand still coated in the cream of Ben. It was a very nervous Scott, who wakened up Ben the following morning for breakfast, but he had no need to worry, his brother greeted him with a smile that told him all was fine, a smile that sent Scott hard all over again, but he would have to wait to get to explore his brother further, Nan was waiting on them downstairs with a full breakfast for her handsome growing grandsons. Scott was nervous as they ate breakfast, he tried not to stare at Ben, but at the same time he was trying to gauge his mood, watching for an

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