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#109839 - You guys are too young to be parents no no were not we love each other I love her as much as dad loves you I see that spark that you guys have and I see that in us   ok I believe you what are you gonna do for money We still got 2 years of high school then I'll work days and go to school at night her we don't know she wants to be a ENT specialist and I support her so she'll go to school even if I don't  i wanna give her the chance and I am well ok(just then the doc walks in)  hey guys first thing he's going to be fine no permanent damage except a 5 inch scar on his face but plastic serjury can fix that if needed secondly the serjury was flawless no problems took about 35 minutes or so to do everything that's needed any questions  (julie)when will he be able to leave  tomorrow morning keeping him over night for observation (Julie)damnunder her breathok that's it by Jim( leaves the room) well Jim we hav

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Ayame yomogawa
Thank you kitten
Love her genuine reaction pretty well acted