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#4225 - Ford with his mouth literally hanging open, and even though he figured she was at least a good two hundred pounds, it was so well proportioned over her full figure that she was the perfect embodiment of the proverbial hour glass!!! The dress was pulled so tight over her body that Carl wondered how in the world so got herself into it, because it literally looked as if she had it spray painted on her!!! The tight dress did little to hide the enormity of her huge chest and ass, and Carl tired picturing in his mind's eye what it must be like to see this magnificent creature without her clothes on!!! If Nancy was nervous before, just being in Amanda Ford's presence made her feel like she was small and insignificant, so when Amanda asked her to join her in the kitchen to check on the dinner, all she could do was nod dumbly and follow her hostess out of the room!!! Once in the kitchen Amanda turned to face Nancy and in a low but firm voice asked, You're quite nervous around

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Tohru honda
Only because i can relate
Hoshimachi suisei
I was scared for his balls
Rumi yokoi
You are fucking incredible