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#107813 - After we cooled down we went back to the lounge to see that everyone was back playing again,and so it continued until about 7am when the rest of the guys dressed and left with Debbie, Frank came and collected a well showered, radiant looking if tired Jenny, he asked her if she had had a nice time to which she replied “yes, we are doing it again soon” and he said “that’s good, perhaps I may stay longer next time”, “perhaps” she added but said no more, Amanda, Susan and I all got together in the main bed and whilst trying to avoid damp patches we finally grabbed some sleep. As I lay there with her pussy just above my face her hole open and hot and my cock in the back of her throat his cock swung into view she arched her back and lifted her pussy off my mouth just in time to meet the end of his cock, which nuzzled gently into the folds of her pussy where it paused, “lick my clit” she demanded and slipped the end of my now hard cock back into her mouth , I raised my head and lapped at he

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