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#318935 - “You fucking love this, you fucking love getting it in the ass don’t you?” he panted hot and low as her plush cheeks rippled with the force of each impact, her own cock, rock solid, dripped clear pre onto her bedding as he hammered her prostate time and time again, her heavy breasts bouncing and swaying beneath her body, barely grazing the fabric of her bedding. After a moment he disrupted her reverie, “You have the most beautiful emerald eyes, did you know that?” She blinked, “A-ah, sorry, was I staring?” He laughed a little and leaned forward, placing his hand on her arm, “It’s okay, so long as you like what you’re staring at. She felt both his hand on her breast and the arm around her body hug her tighter, embracing her soft curvy figure tight to his toned muscular one, his hips doing virtually all of the work as they clapped time and time again into her ass before, suddenly, he thrust in and held it deep, a gasp emanating from his lips before he pulled out just for a second

Read Punish U no Tsuku JC to Kanojo. Summer - Original Huge Ass U no Tsuku JC to Kanojo. Summer

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That girl is beautiful