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#271721 - Inna: Yeah this shit is so fucking boring I’ve got my music on though in the other ear Me: I hope he doesn’t see that shit and take it that would totally suck Inna: Im not worried about it he hasn’t even stopped looking at the board and writing this whole time Me: What are you listening to ? Inna: Knife Fight and The Strokes Me: Oh yeah I love the strokes never heard of knife fight before though Inna: Where have you been there awesome! Me: Oh, I’ve just been under this rock I like to call Bassnectar Inna: Yeah everyone knows about them, so I assume you party then? Me: For sure I just went to Spring Awakening a couple weeks ago with my friend Josh Inna: Not the type of partying I was talking about, but I bet that was fun. “No one got hurt and I did that mom. Her breathing was super labored mouth wide open with her eyes locked into mine.

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