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#87097 - then she rubb her pussy for a second she took her panties off handed them to me said hear baby im soaking wett for u. takes my hand leads me to the bath room tells me shes about to give me a crash corse in piss play asks me who wants to go first her or me i say her she tell me lie in the tub she squats over me i look up at her hairy pussy something about ethnic girls that dark tint to there pussy lips its soo hot she starts spraying that warm saltly stram first drops land on my dick then its a stram my dick soaked m,oving foward like a hose she makes her way up my chest to my face its just so warm hits my mouth nose eyes soakeing my hair running down the sides she then moves it back to my mouth tells me to task it so i lick a few drops warm and a bit salty she says be her nasty little piss slave and drink sum so she fills my mount with he last bit of pee and i drink it deftinly the most nasty thing ive ever done at that point. and i got to keep her panties as a reminder of that night

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