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#65119 - Her mother, still holding it gently in her hand whispered softly, “Happy birthday, dear, I hope you like it!” As if drawn like a magnet to cheap metal little Steffi crossed the room with her eyes locked on the now semi hard erection! “C-can I touch it?” she breathed unevenly. “Now let’s see what’s next on our agenda!” auctioneer Tom Finch said into the microphone. Ten seconds later the curtain opened and a tall thin black male with a shaved head made his way to the front of the stage where he waited in a pure white terry cloth bath robe for Tommy to begin! “All right, ladies, get out your check books,” Tom said with a leer, “here we have a genuine black stud ready, willing, and last of all able to satisfy each and every one of your needs!” “I bid two hundred dollars!” Jennifer March shouted out.

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