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#376134 - Ryan showered and brushed his teeth, stripping down to his boxers to crawl into the warm embrace of his bed, the guest room nothing special, but the double bed was more than enough for him. He dreamt of Sophie, dreamt of her food, she was helping him eat her cupcakes, but the flavour was wrong, he tried to complain but he had his mouth full, his words coming out as little more than whimpering groans, she laughed in his dream and slowly, his dream was gone, he was awake, his room pitch black, hands caressing his hair, holding his head, his mouth full. He was pressing it against her cock, trying to push it from his mouth, but it only served to pleasure her further, “Ah just like that, that's it, use your tongue…” He blushed crimson, squeezing his eyes shut as he stopped moving his tongue, she grinned, teasing, “Yeah give in to my cock, good boy…” He whined around her cock, no matter what he did he couldn’t win, her hands caressed his hair as she slid her cock deep into

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Victor nikiforov
The black guy with the chain like wrist band looking thingy has the best looking dick there sorry had to point that out
Meme oshino
I love the final