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#238560 - ” Convention dictates that the host starts us off and direct proceedings, so it’s up to Ken to start us off, “what’s it to be, sea songs and shanties first time round as usual, then another theme next time round?” “Yes that’s normal,” Says Ken as he launches straight into ‘South Australia’ he has the voice for this one, it needs a bit of power to help lift the chorus. ” I made the bed up earlier, so we sat on the edge of the bed and the location may not have been the best to help her relax but she was looking strained, “Have a slurp of tea and get a bit of warmth inside you, you’ll feel better for it,” “Three minutes are up, I’m ringing Chrissie, she must have got home by now, I will put it on speaker.

Read Job Fukakusaya - Cursed Fox: Chapter 4 - Original Grande Fukakusaya - Cursed Fox: Chapter 4

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These old bitches need a fukkin bbc to fuk the shit outta they asses literally
Patchouli knowledge
I cant see whats happening because of the stomach
Suzaku kururugi
Thanks for uploading this is great