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#117569 - Matt ran back and got the tutor because he thought I badly injured my self, next thing I know is about 5 staff running and opening the bathroom door, not walking in as its class as pedofile, they shouted in. As I'm sitting under the tree, the school bell goes and all the kids dissapear, at this point I did not move , I was alone under the tree, I could hear the late commers shouting get to lesson u loner, this just made me feel worse about my self, so when no one was around I decided to cry, eventually my form tutor finds me and takes me to lessson, I remember walking in that class and just looking down to the floor and making my self to the very back of the classroom, I put my head down and ignored everyone. Callum, u okay? I replied yes, at this point my eyes was red raw from all the crying, at this point the staff obvousily knew something was wrong so they got my bag and made me sit in a room on my own and they wanted me to talk.


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