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#114133 - ” He finished speaking as he entered his own room next door and turned to make sure Gronn acknowledged his orders. As he took off his pants, his thick 8” cock sprang out and to full attention, pointing straight at the wall that his new toy was just on the other side of, as if saying, “She belongs to US! Go and TAKE her now!” but he slowly shook that off and walked into his bathroom. ” Frozen in place at the horror of her situation, Cynthia could do nothing but stare as her stomach pitched as if she was going to be violently ill, instead, her eyes rolled back in her head and she fainted, the only thing keeping her from falling hard to the stone parapet, was Krinn’s grip on her hand and his quick reflexes, easily scooping her into his arms and carrying her back down to the garden.

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Lol its natural and its chemistry history she used to reject manuel cause he been fucking other girls and rumors started personal ones now shes with manuel all that drama is getting out