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#357539 - She begins licking but it is sloppy and all over the place I ask if anyone else has ever eaten pussy and almost all of them have, so I tell Angel to get up here and show us what she can do and she begins by licking the lips and running her finger in her hole I tell her no hands only lips and tongue and she lick her from her ass to the top of her pussy and back then she pulls back the hood and begins licking and sucking her clit I tell Dion she can cum when she wants to when I look back 6 girls have lust in their eyes so when I hear Dion cum I tell Kim to get over here and lets see what she can do and she attacks she is licking and sucking and moaning and humping the table I tell her to slow down I see her trying to put her hand between her legs and I tell her that it’s ok I am sure they want to cum and she gets louder and she is cumming I tell her to stop. I tell them that they will be learning how to eat pussy as my helper Dion comes in I point to the bed I tell Emily to get up their

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Ushio aotsuki
That s one big ass nice do you do anal i d love to watch that