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#229472 - We arrived at Andrews at the appointed time, he showed us through to the garden where a few others were gathered, he introduced us to them, his brother and family and sister and family, then the most gorgeous girl I had ever seen walked out of the house, Andrew held his hand out towards her Emma, you know Christine, and this is her son Philip, she walked to me and held her hand out, I shook hands with her, I had stopped breathing, she was so beautiful. I wore a mask to keep my identity from him, then we went through our show, she sucked me off and I tongue fucked her before we got down to the fuck, knowing my friend and his brother was watching made it thrilling for me and I blasted a bucket full of cum into her. Two days later I was over Johns and we were watching the blank screen that should have been Emma’s page, finally she came on and she was wearing frilly pink knickers, she had embroidered on them, ‘He did it’ she went through her routine and Stewart was saying how he would

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