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#124506 - I feel my heart start to beat very quickly and I knew right there and then, that I had to have this man. The servants bring hot water, wary of him and finally they leave. He bends down and starts to suck my clit while fisting me and my body starts to burn with pleasure, I can feel my pussy juices oozing on his hand, he continues to lick and suck my clit and finally I scream as I cum all over his hand, god it was such an intense orgasm, I can hardly breath, his hand is buried so deep inside my pussy now, my pussy muscles had sucked it in deeper when I came and then slowly he pulls it out and my juices were all over it, he orders me to lick his hand clean which I do, I never knew my pussy juices tasted so good.

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Ushio shimabara
Yes cause when im losing a game i start rubbing my foot on the controller
Seiya ichijou
Every night for 11yrs