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#179832 - Go ahead an kiss Dana,said Livvy she is mine and needs to be welcomed ! Dee walked over to Dana, and kissed her on the cheek! Dottie slapped Dee’s ass,kiss her bitch she’s family ! Dee then pressed her lips to Dana’s and slipped her tongue until it was meet with Dana’s. Is there any other additional additions? Well, just one. ” She was wrong ! When she opened the door, Jenny was standing there in leather boots and corsets with a whip in her hand! Hello my little cunt, get the fuck out of those clothes ,and with that Dee felt the whip crack on her ass! CRACK !!! And she felt the sting welt her ass ! Again the whipped cracked !CRACK, this one across her back ! Dee screamed,”Stop “ !! “I see My bitch has meet Jenny”, laughed Dottie .

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