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#336175 - The following events may have happened to me, they may not have. I took the message and started to pump 3 fingers in and out of her, but at the same time I used my right hand to slowly feel its way down her body until it rested just above her clit, then I swapped my left hand for my right for a few seconds, getting my fingers soaked from her juices and swapped them again, returning my left hand to stroking her inner walls. She instantly moaned “oh no no no no! I was so close!” “I know baby,” I replied, “that’s why I pulled out, you won’t be cumming for a while yet!” then I slowed everything to mind-numbingly slow groping, I played with her nipples slowly, as before, circling her areola with my tongue and giving occasional bites to her nipple, but it was down below that I knew I could drive her crazy.

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