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#34554 - Joining them in a scene for the first time is 65 year old granny & Master Jeffs newest acquisition Norma , the white haired married pension receiving slutbag is dressed in a short leather black leather skirt ,with a collar, leash & a pink halter top that says cumbucket. (George,Susans husband was brought out as was Leroy ,Kikis husband ) Both ladies gave their husbands golden showers & then they told them to fuck off , ( it was in the ) Chapter 3 Rose is getting her ass eaten by Kiki , as Susan licks her cunt Upon orgasming , Mistress Rose leaves the scene & Kiki and Susan are lead to the showers and their dressing room to dress into something new for their next scene. Susan in the meantine watched with open eyes as she was still tied& ballgagged to the chair.

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