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#190764 - I’ve also had the strap on my bottom and thighs and been slippered so many times I’ve lost count, but even at this distance in time I break into a sweat thinking about that caning and when I’ve finished writing this I’ll probably have to give myself some sort of relief because I’m starting to get wet already. I think we all were affected by these beatings to others but I remember how I used to dig my nails into the palms of my hands and clench my thighs and as I arrived at my teenaged years how I used to find a damp patch in the gusset of my knickers after these events. The victim would gasp and jerk forward at each impact; she might flex her knees a little and after it was over all but the most stoical (in which category I most definitely don’t place myself!) would have voiced some sort of protest or usually would have been in tears.

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Carisa contzen
Name of her she is fucking hot
Chronofang tiger
Hiding your face is not deserving of your place and not assuming to be a simple hole
Best ever honey
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Horikawa kunihiro
You know this is real amateur because you can hear the smoke detector beep