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#226123 - After a brief thought I head for the main buildings and start browsing around until I get a shop. “I’m sorry for waking you, I heard that you came in late yesterday afternoon and I just wanted to know if maybe you would be interested to go for a hike?” I smile at her “Do you make a habit of asking strangers to go walk with you through what seems to be a rather secluded trail?” She blushes slightly “Uhm no not really, but they refuse to let me leave the grounds alone and I desperately want to go take photos” Oh great a photographer with a need to take photos, I chuckle softly to myself “OK tell you what, let me get dressed and then I’ll go with you. Her muscles clamps down on my cock each time she raises herself up and relaxes slightly at the tip and clamp down again as she thrusts downwards, I’m holding on to her waist, she instructed me not to do anything and I’m not a guy who is going to argue with her.

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