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#340662 - Another snapping sound from somewhere behind him, far too close for comfort, this was the end, but he would at least try to fight his way out of this bad end. He didn't know what compelled him, but the hunter couldn't help but reach over and dip his index finger into the bears glistening honey-pot, he tested for a reaction, and when he had submerged his finger up to the knuckle and began to massage the inside of her cunt he seemed to find a desirable one, in that the bear would slow its own movements and would periodically close her eyes as if to savour the feeling. The pleasure was draining his stamina, but his hips would not give out, his legs on the other hand struggled to keep up, the hunter leaned forward, draping himself over his grizzly lover and hugging her tightly for support, as a bear he knew she was strong enough to support his weight and so he rested most of it upon her, leaving enough on the ground to work as leverage for his thrusts.

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