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#263381 - I tell her that I own a lot of businesses some illegal and some legit and because of that I have bodyguards and that I do a lot of business with people who are off the radar. She ask why we don’t sleep together I tell her that although we are married I am gay and Eric is bi and although we love each other we didn’t marry for love I married him because his family was trying to ruin his business and him because he had a boyfriend and was kinky I use to whip men for money and Eric was one of them one day he came to me crying tell me what is father and brother and sister where trying to do and when he heard that they were trying to get a doctor to say he was crazy to commit him we got married and I became CEO of his company and when they showed up at his house I was waiting on them with my 380 they called me names and said I married him for his money and after I had my lawyer show them a prenup they realized that I had just as much money as he had and when his brother thought he could for

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