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#383501 - This man sat hovering high above the city on shimmering white feather wings as he shouts to the king you have betrayed me and my purpose I fight for freedom for all kinds but you have enslaved the witches, vampires and werewolf's and if I don't end you and this acursed place you will enslave many more races at that moment he draws an arrow and as he pulls back the string a bow begins to appear looking of fire and the fire spreads from the bow up his arms, down his back and to his wings and leaves only a dark crimson leathery bat like wings behind and as he releases the arrow he yells angrily. That one definitely never gets old the first man looked at one of the other men and tells him to refill the jug yes monkey and he runs out the back door and dean can hear the water running. The story starts with an man at the tower of Babel depicted in the bible.

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