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#385918 - I stroked her back and buttocks tracing the cleft between her legs, she instinctively placed one foot up onto one of the tack trunks so I could explore between her legs. The pain initially is excruciating but once that subsides, the pressure he is applying through my arse to my cunt walls is unbelievable and I start to feel yet another orgasm building, I am being fingered in the arse and fucked like the world is about to end and I am loving it! His cock swells and pumps into me and once again full of ropes and ropes of this stranger’s cum and my orgasm sends my body into juddering fits as I cream all over his cock and squirt him with my fluids. He has a slight growth of beard and he rubs his rough bristles against my soft skin as he hungrily rubs his mouth and lower face into my wet crotch.

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