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#194665 - I Kissed, She Loved Poem for the love of my life, she's made me so happy all these months When She Looked At Me, I Knew Her Gaze Told Me What She Wanted, And I Wanted It Too When She Kissed Me, I Flew My Heart Was Beating Out Of Control, And I Felt As If I Was Lifted Above The Heavens What Could Be Better We Held Each Other Strong, As If We Were To Let Go, We Would Fall Apart Her Lips Were Soft, Mine Were The Same Her Body Was Hot, Mine Was Too Our Clothes Dropped And Our Spirits Lifted We Threw Ourselves On The Bed And Let Everything Happen Nothing Was Held Back When She Lowered Her Head, I Almost Cried It Felt So Good, I Never Knew It Could Feel So Good A Woman's Caress, What A Gift She Licked, She Kissed, She Did Everything I Wanted I Never Said A Word But She Knew What I Liked As The Excitement Built, My Heart Beat Accelerated She Licked, Prodded, Tickled, Kissed And Then I Was Blown Away E

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Mikaela hyakuya
Mmm all that cum wish it was me
Reiko hanaoka
I need a sugar baby to spoil me