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#397530 - He ran his fingers along the underside of the lid, searching for the latch; finding it, he pressed in and was rewarded with the sound of a solid click. Something jabbed her briefly in her lower right side, but Sophie thought it was the point of her parasol. A new corset, all white satin, gay ribbons, and whalebone stays, to replace the one holed by Princip's bullet, was then produced and tight-laced onto the yielding torso, producing an exciting hourglass figure, the dressers grunting with effort as they turned the body over and pulled hard on the laces, then adjusting her ample breasts so that they swelled enticingly from the top of the corset.

Read Cute 男の娘許嫁とイチャラブ同棲生活 ~はじめて編~ Doll 男の娘許嫁とイチャラブ同棲生活 ~はじめて編~

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