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#87260 - Not like David, Kieran caressed my nipples tenderly, just like a baby suckling its mother, again without permission Kieran yanked my knickers down, revealing my full blown erection, Kieran asked me to suck his cock, it was uncut but so sociable, his foreskin was loose my orifice and tongue skills tantalised his cock that sent Kieran into a sexual frenzy, sucking Kieran’s was much more enjoyable it became hard as a rock it had a good girth, his pre-cum juicers spurted out saturating the bell head of his cock. When Kieran's eventually released his cock from my cunt, it was dripping droplets of sperm, I managed to retain as much of Kieran's spunk inside my anus, Kieran flopped himself back on the mattress he was well and truly fucked out. When his was masturbating me through my French knickers he kept looking into my eyes, I expect he wanted to see my facial expressions as my cock responded to his rapid handling of my cock, my body began to manoeuvre up and down as David mas

Read Ohmibod Eizokuteki na Hatsukoi | Everlasting First Love Striptease Eizokuteki na Hatsukoi | Everlasting First Love

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