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#154059 - ” My panic was subsiding, I took a second hit, “You aren’t mad?” He chuckled as he reached for the bowl, “Not mad; I was shaken when I found it, but I couldn’t get mad. I don’t know what this is, but it’s not a game, and I don’t want to play. ” I flushed with modesty but was happy with his assessment of me, I swiped a happy face in the condensation on the beer bottle as I said “You’re just saying that because I’m sitting here, what do you tell your friends?” My dad chuckled, stoked the pipe and lit off another round of tokes.

Read Highschool Hokenshitsu no Megamisama | 保健室的女神 Oldman Hokenshitsu no Megamisama | 保健室的女神

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