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#206999 - But we wanted to go further and try something a little odd so we asked our friend who was a pharmacists for a kind of sleeping pills that could make a person tranquilize for short time, the idea was to try to give it to my aunty and play with her body for a while it was a little dangerous to do, but it was worth the risk. I am a bi sexual person by all means, any way I had a neighbor Frank whom which I practiced my gay sexuality with and he was my friend so no one really knew about this relationship it was a secret between Frank and my self. Frank was fingering her pussy which started to be juicy, so I joined Frank in licking it, Frank pulled down his shorts and toke out his erected cock already his pre cum was dropping, he penetrated her gently and started to fuck her so smoothly since we did not want to awake her, I approached Franks ass and started to kiss it and playing with it and had my tongue in his ass hole he was enjoying it ( I know that from past experiences with him ) so

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