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#174546 - I slide my other hand up to her loose hair and pull back on them, her mouth pulls open and I increase my pace inside her now well lubricated ass. Just as I’m on the verge of my own orgasm I pull out and push her back against the cushions, I stand over her and pull her face closer just as I release my pent up cum. I grin as she tries to struggle and end up gasping for breath “The more you resist…” I pull back my cock slowly “The more it hurts…” I drive my cock back into her “If you relax, you can enjoy it more” I start to give little thrusts into her, she still struggle, but I keep up my pace, enjoying the feel of her extra tight ass and the muscles contracting around my cock.

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Sanae nagatsuki
Mmh hot
Shizuka sakaki
I wanna be referred to as a cum junkie from now on