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#195052 - I was thrusting like a racehorse and she was getting wetter, and she was moaning and screaming loud as ever! She was breathing heavily and said loudly “OH MY GOD! I’m Cumming all over your cock!” and I felt her muscles contract and her hips thrust up and it pushes my dick out of her pussy and she squirt all over my cock and my stomach and she looked at me and said “wow that’s never happened before, I came so hard!” then I jokingly replied “you better lick it all up!” and I added a little giggle, then she flipped my over and started licking my stomach. I rolled her over so that I was on top of her and she quickly got my shirt off then she pushed me off and looked at my crotch and saw this massive hump in my shorts and then she giggled and said “mmm I think he wants to come out” then she ripped my shorts and boxers off and her eyes opened up really wide and she gasped and said “that will never fit. Were making out and I’m trying to unhook her bra and I can’t quite get it so she leans u

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