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#223012 - “Hello,” the figure said, chirpily. “I’d have thought, after all the escapades we had years ago, you’d remember me,” he said, taking another swig from his beer nonchalantly. Normally, sheer terror and common-sense on my part would have made me run for it but I guess that if common sense had been in charge that night, I wouldn’t have been in there in the first place! As it was, the fact that years ago I had studied basic Aikido self-defense must have come flooding back to help me, because as the youth lunged towards me, I reached forward with one hand to grab the outside of his wrist, while my other arm came up to block his other arm and deflect his line of attack.

Read Pure 18 Bokura no Etude - Our H Chu Do Fucking Bokura no Etude - Our H Chu Do

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Rin kohana
Yes whore the nerd girl out good
Ryuuji kuroi
So my boy don t look like preach off of dont be a menace lmao
Miho nishizumi
How is this a leak if she posted her own hentai
Miyabi kannagi
Amazing couple that guy has perfect balls