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#102741 - I suppose I was a bit nervous, I met guys for a kick about almost every day, but this was completely different, to me anyway it was more like a date, I don’t know what Stevie was thinking but that is how I saw it, Just being beside him as we walked towards the park had me with butterflies in my stomach and a hardon in my football shorts, I had deliberately not worn any underwear and the soft nylon shorts rubbing off my dick as we walked did not help my erection problem, and had anyone looked at that area of my tracksuit, my erection would have been clearly visible. That friendship probably lasted for about a year then it just stopped, I had another encounter with a drunk man on a bus when I was about 16, and no this was not some old pervert seducing me, he was sleeping and his zip was open, he obviously went commando and the way he was slouched in his drunken sleep some skin and pubic hair was visible, As gently as I could I explored in that area with my fingers only for a minute

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