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#180967 - I walk into mum’s office and sit down in the chair waiting till she got off the phone, she looks up and acknowledges me with a smile and continues her phone call. I was shocked at the scene before me but luckily they didn’t see me at that moment so i quickly lifted my camera up and started taking photos of them together to show my mum what was happening behind her back and mine i had managed to get half a dozen photos of them before they realised i was there, Oh God Mark’s here At that moment dad looks up towards the door and sees i have my camera pointed at them taking photos of them both, knowing they were caught Melissa tried to apologise to me but i walk out and go to my room and slam the door closed. “It’s ok Mark i have just been home and confronted your father about what has happened he is packing his things and leaving home and i am divorcing him” “Oh Mum im so sorry” “Mark it is not your fault” “I know mum but i was the one that found them” “Yes you did Mark and i am

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The priest has converted her from angel to slut