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#326641 - When we went into the lounge l began feeding on her tits, she took out a condom and said it was full of Martin’s spunk then as l sucked her nipples Silvia poured the spunk filled condom over her tits, Martin’s spunk went into my mouth as l fed and what spunk didn’t go into my mouth she made me lick off her tits and belly when l had licked her clean we went to bed and she gave me one of mummy’s special kisses taking me to the point of near shooting my load then straddled my shaft and impaled herself to ride me till l was raising my hips to fill her with a fresh load of spunk from my balls which put Silvia into a good mood, so l asked if l could have a day without my cock cage, l told her it was making my shaft sore, Silvia slid her way down to my cock to kiss it better then before we went to sleep she said l could have one day without my cock cage. As Kylie and l chatted she remarked her father and my mother, she didn’t know Silvia was my aunt would be doing it later as her father comm

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