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#292510 - Their touch was gentle and they took their time moving slowly upwards. Gabby looked away from the diary and was shocked to say the least – she did the maths in her head and worked out that this was her 15 year old mother talking and that just made the shock even worse ‘this can’t be right’ she said to herself. ‘Emma has sucked tongues with some loser and left with with Paul and Doug who spent most of the night plying me with drinks and flirting like crazy - it was kind of fun to have two boys trying to get in my panties at the same time and it felt good’ Gabby quickly made the tea and went back to the diary, ‘Emma was dancing with this guy on the other side of the club and so the three of us decided to get another drink and head to a table near the rear - while waiting to be served at the bar Doug rubbed himself against me and pushed me up against the bar, he apologised as it was busy but it felt like he was taking advantage and I suppose I didn’t mind as his stiff cock felt amazing

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