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#236748 - 7pm rotated around and Ted walked thought the yard gate with Amy, John and Jenna following behind him, Wow! that is a sight isn't it? Amy said as she approached the roasted girl, Steve this is my wife Amy Ted said when they reached the picnic table in the center, Would you, Ted? Steve said gesturing to the spit roasted form of Jessica over the fire, Sure Ted replied and the two men moved the spitted pig from the hot frame to a large platter on the picnic table, well dinner is ready Susan said as everyone took a seat at the picnic table leaving Steve standing over the spitted pig ready to carve, Steve first gripped the spit and pulled it out of Jessica's cooked pussy then taking the knife Susan had used to gut her he cut open the sewed up belly to reveal the perfectly seasoned and cooked stuffing, Susan placed a large spoon into the open belly as Steve began to carve meat from Jessica's cooked legs and arms. As he had done with Jessica Steve attached the sma

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Female knight
Wow she really knows how to please a man love her perfect skills of using her mouth an tongue