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#44970 - “I don’t know WHAT has got into my girls recently … they won’t do ANYTHING I ask them … AND I think Gemma’s being bullied at school – her back’s all cut up and she won’t tell me how it happened!” With that she burst into tears; so I ushered her in and sat her on the settee, where she blubbed noisily for a few minutes. I opened it to find her standing there alone with an angry look on her face, but my worry about finally having been rumbled was short-lived. I’ve gone to my Mothers for a few days … the girls seem to listen to both of you better than me – you’ll all just have to cope without me” And with that she dashed back out of the house, leapt straight into her sporty little Red coupe, and wheel-span off up the road! ‘Fucking Hell … it’s midday … Andy won’t be home ‘til this evening if he’s not there now’ But then it occurred to me that their two daughters would be home from school long before Andy got back….

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