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#401568 - The latest in audio and video entertainment technology is available to Guests from two large “high definition” flat-screen televisions hung on the wall of each room. Across that field and far to the west sits the Nursery itself, a sprawling one-story cinder block building quite reminiscent of a suburban American grammar school, where those very young girls – ages four to seven years – are housed and trained to eventually join their sisters as sex slaves in the Island Royale Compound. As the child drifted past me, my eyes were drawn to the small bright red ornament, molded to resemble a cherry, swinging delightfully from the end of a thin gold chain that emerged from between the lips of her tiny hairless vagina.

Read Handsome CL-estate Hatsujou Danchi ENGLISH - Original Dotado CL-estate Hatsujou Danchi ENGLISH

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