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#41742 - “Do you like that Hetesh? You like my mouth near your cock don’t you? Do you want me to suck it for you?” “Oh yes mom, suck my cock for me, make me cum in your mouth!” I lowered my head and gently probed his cock with the tip of my tongue and then flicked it upwards and caught it between my lips where I held it resting with my mouth partly open and I panted my breath over the head of his cock before closing my lips over it and taking it deep into my mouth where my tongue flicked and played with it. As I was doing this, I was slowly moving towards him and now I leaned over and let my face rest in the air above his cock where I then looked up at his face and saw he was ogling me and beads of sweat were appearing on his top lip and forehead. I thought he would be too tired to fuck me again and after the way I had treated him I just carried on sucking his cock.

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