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#87016 - they all headed for the shower and cleaned each other before heading back upstairs, all six women sat around the living room still naked, drinking wine laughing and touching one another. kim sucked hard on her mothers tongue and squeezed her mothers huge breasts tightly, lisa stood up straight and pulled kim to sit up, kim was staring at her mothers pussy lisa pushed kims head towards it, kim pushed her face into her mothers wet lips and thrust her tongue deep inside her cunt, lisa placed her hands on the back of kims head and gentley held her in place as kim french kissed lisas pussy, lisa got back down on her knees and took hold of one of her tits and rubbed her nipple quickly over kims clit, kim breathed heavily as she felt the orgasm inside her, lisa moved back and sat on the floor and layed back, kim got on top of her mom facing the other way, her ass rested on lisas face, lisa pushed her togue into kims pussy and began licking, kim layed down and licked her mothers clit, lisa sl

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