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#117215 - I was painfully aware of my size, and that of my sister-in-law, and had no thought of hurting her, so gently, very gently, let her cunt feel for me and squeeze me inside at her leisure – took all of 5 seconds before she rammed her ass back to get more! A few more thick inches I let glide along her slippery passage, maybe now she had half me inside, and she orgasmed again, again, then a continuous wail broke from her mouth as a rolling non-stop orgasm broke through her pussy. I eased away, and slid down, until I was able to snuggle my mouth against her ass, used some tongue pressure to slide between her thighs, slurping at her asshole, then further to her lady’s opening. Now, was the time for a good brother-in-law to gently but firmly stop this, right? Well: No is the truthful answer.

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