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#172179 - The first rumble seemed far away, much like the explosions Monica experienced at her own home. Looking at Brenda, Monica remarked, That wasn't too bad, almost like home, but before Brenda could reply, a huge explosion shook the entire area, causing the lights in the subway to flicker on and off, and so for the first time Monica was in the middle of a real blitz! The noise and shaking of the earth caused her pussy to lurch, and the feeling was absolutely unbelievable! As several more explosions shook the subway, Monica felt her cunt contracting and her nipples hardening. As the bombings intensified, the excitement increased roportionately.

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Ouka nagisa
Almost makes me cum when she does that
Kirika akatsuki
What does race of to do with any fuckin thing
Kei yuuki
I wish this would happen to me