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#98935 - . Very nice, very nice indeed, she murmurred as she stared at Ben's eight inch love muscle! Now leaning forward, she took it into her mouth and sucked on the head like it was the last cock on earth, until several minutes later Ben ejaculated down her throat, making her moan as he empied his nut sack into her hungry throat!!! After wiping her chin and sitting back up she said, So far so good, now we have to wait awhile and do it all over again, I have to make sure of your recuperative powers! Ben sat back down in the chair with the lower half of his body still naked and asked softly, May I make a suggestion?!? Certainly, what is it, asked Miss Wilkins? Well, we don't really have to wait for and hour to go by, I think we can speed the process up quite a bit with a little help from you! How so, she asked? If you would just take off your top, I'm sure that I would get another erection in a real hurry, he offered. When his head was just inside, she let all her

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