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#154809 - I am a good swimmer, so was she, but she was much younger than me and smaller in body size as well, giving her preference, a few laps in the pool and we ended up both naked under the water, I could not help it, I was all eyes on her nude body, I am sure she noticed it, as I go silent when I am deep eying her body. Part #2 ~ I was screaming as loud as I could, I could not see any audiences, but I was sure all the staff were hiding somewhere enjoying the double fuck show I was making for their eyes, the idea of being double fucked while being watched by others, made me so hot and so horny, I came three times on a raw before any of the men came yet, finally they both came in my fuck holes, stuffing my pussy and ass with their thick, white cock cream, we were all laying there till we caught our breath and relaxed. While chatting, she looked me in the eyes with a naughty smile saying “I saw what you did yesterday Natalie, I think it was great” I looked her in the eyes smiling and saying

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Neuro nougami
Well at least she tried
I need to be licked like that