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#280280 - As mom was standing next to my bed she said, “I want to thank you both for everything you did today! I really enjoyed myself!” Madeline laughed and said, “You weren’t supposed to enjoy it mom! We were supposed to blackmail you into doing stuff against your will!” Mom laughed and said, “Oh! Okay! I’ll try to do better! Your father has to go into work early every day for the rest of this week! You can spank me in the morning before you go to school?” I smiled and said, “Okay! Mom then smiled at us and said, “You two should get some sleep too, you know!” Then mom tucked us in and went to dad. Judy joined us occasionally too. Madeline took some pictures for me.

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Sakamichi onoda
I did this during indiana jones 4 lol
Shinji matou
No orgasm